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Incident and Accident Investigation

  • Incident and Accident Investigation

    Incident and Accident Investigation Incident and Accident Investigation

    This course will equip participants with the key skills and knowledge required to plan, conduct and report on the investigation of incidents and accidents which have resulted in, or have the potential to result in, injury or damage to people or property. It covers the relevant legal requirements and focuses on developing and implementing effective corrective and preventive actions.

    Any manager, supervisor or staff member who is required to participate in such investigations, will benefit from this course.

    The course will prepare participants to:

    • Undertake an initial assessment of an incident or accident.
    • Establish the investigation process, including defining the scope of the investigation, assembling the investigation team and contributing to the development of action plans and time lines.
    • Collect and analyse information and data to identify underlying causes and potential prevention measures.
    • Prepare and disseminate a report of an investigation, including recommendations for prevention.


    Cost of course: $995 per attendee.

    If you have more than 5 staff who wish to attend a particular course it may be far more cost effective to have QSM Group run the course in-house specifically for your organisation. This allows for the training to be tailored in accordance with your organisation's management systems and procedures.

    Contact us for further details.


    Course dates:

    Perth Melbourne Sydney Brisbane
    February, June, September.      Contact QSM Group for course dates.

    Contact QSM Group for latest course dates in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.