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Risk Management and ISO 31000

  • Risk Management and ISO 31000
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    Risk Management and ISO 31000 Risk Management and ISO 31000

    This course will equip participants with the key skills and knowledge required to manage a range of risks across an organisation or business unit, using the principles and guidelines of ISO 31000.

    The course will benefit managers who have, or plan to have, the responsibility for identifying, analysing and controlling organisational risks, including strategic, compliance, financial and operational risks.

    The course will prepare participants to:

    • Determine the scope and context for risk management within an organisation or business unit.
    • Identify and analyse risks and determine the most appropriate risk treatment options.
    • Prepare a risk management plan which includes a detailed stakeholder analysis, explanation of the risk context, critical success factors, identified and analysed risks, and treatments for prioritised risks.
    • Monitor and evaluate the risk management plan’s effectiveness in treating risks.

    Course dates:

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