QHSE Auditing

auditingQSM Consultant Solutions has fully trained, qualified (Nationally recognised qualifications) and experienced auditors who regularly conduct internal and supplier/contractor audits on behalf of clients.

Many of our clients find it more productive to engage us to conduct audits on their behalf and find that the effectiveness of our audits is greater than when their own employees conduct the audits.

The reasons for this are simple:

  • We have conducted many thousands of audits between us, so we have far more experience in auditing than most clients employees would have.
  • Through our experience we can quickly recognise what is important and what could go wrong, we then focus more on those aspects when conducting audits.
  • When we conduct an audit we have only one priority, “to conduct the most effective audit in the time available.” We are not compromised by conflicting priorities such as not wanting to cause problems for work colleagues by highlighting potential discrepancies.

QSM Consultant Solutions can also conduct QHSE audits as part of your organisation’s planning and preparation for external audits that may be required by outside parties including certification agencies.